Water Fire Storm Chinese Drywall

CHINESE DRYWALL is a health and safety hazard that has plagued many homeowners in the Southeast since it’s import into the United States in 2001. If your home has Chinese drywall and you are ready to have it removed and replaced, C&M Solutions has the experience and expertise to move the process along quickly and with quality craftsmanship. We know that you are ready to get back in your home and we would like the opportunity to help you get there. Below is a glimpse into our process and more information to educate you on how we correct this devastating problem.

Chinese Drywall Removal
Controlled Zone

We understand that along with your Chinese Drywall problem, you face several options on how to deal with it. We can help you no matter what you decide.
The choice is yours.


Initial Home Review
• Review Home Analysis & Inspection Reports
• Determine, Identify, & document impacts related to Chinese Drywall
• Review Home Finishes (Walls, Floors, Appliances, Paint Colors, Millwork,
   Appliances, Ext.)
• Photographic Documentations (Pre-Construction & As-Built Conditions)
• Detailed Floor Plan & Layout
• Detailed Notes By Area
• Provide Detailed Scope Breakdown By Area
• Review Scope Breakdown & Category Pricing Breakdowns

Acceptance Procedures
• C&M Solutions Team Planning & Walkthrough
• Verify all items confirming remove & replace or detach & reset for all
   MEP components.
• Finalize Estimate Breakdowns & Cost
• Construction Schedule (Pre-Construction, Abatement Schedule, Finish
   Schedule, Move-In Schedule)
• Contract Execution & Payment Procedures
• Confirm Estimated Start Date
• Provide Owner & Attorney Project Documents for Record (Pre,
   Progress, & Final)
• Upload Estimate To Master for approval.
• When estimate is approved money will be transferred into an escrow account.

Pre-Construction Planning
• Determine Owner Relocation Date
• Schedule Relocation Team (Optional)
• Confirm Project Start Date
• Schedule Team Removal of Fixed Items
• Schedule Abatement Team
• Schedule Team Hygienist
• Permitting & Licensing
• Execute Owner Relocation

Construction Procedures
• Mobilize on-Site
• Remove salvageable items to storage unit or on-site
   location provided by general contractor.
• Protect Floors , Doors, Windows .
• Install Temporary Barriers and Signage
• Close Home for Remediation Process (Controlled Zone)
• Put House under negative air.
• Remove all indicated sheetrock and materials
• Photographic Documentation (Progress & Evidence Photos)
• Remove Mechanical, Electrical, Components
• Clean & Treat All Remaining Materials , Studs, Floor Joist
• Remove Floor Protection & Install New
• Clean & Free Testing – Hygienist

Fixed Item Removal

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