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C&M Solutions has knowledge of the special procedures unique to structural damage restoration work, specifically those pertinent to fire, water, wind and impact damage. We have the ability to test appropriate parts of the structure for integrity using non-destructive methods appropriate for the type of damage. C&M Solutions strives to deliver quality workmanship and has a persistent adherence to reliability and honesty. We also strive to scope a loss with the adjuster to determine what needs repairing or replacement. While on the site, a Damage Analysis will be prepared. This analysis will consist of extensive notes, listing each item in each room separately, noting the volume of each type of work that needs to be done. This is the first step to developing the detail description of work known in the industry as a scope of work.

Chinese Drywall Removal
Preserve your Property

We are here for you when you need us the most! We offer emergency board-up, tarping, and temporary fencing when disaster strikes. These measures protect your home from further damage and keep your property safe and secure until the rebuilding or restoration process begins.

Why choose C&M Solutions as your restoration contractor?
• We have a working knowledge of the unique requirements of the three party
  relationships. Existing between the contractor, the policy-holder/ property-owner and
  the insurance company.
• We will keep a reasonable 'arm’s length' relationship between the contractor and the
  personnel in the insurance company.
• We have knowledge of Damage Analysis for the various types of hazards such as fire,
  water, wind and impact.
• Knowledge of the internal format and the structure of the cost of repairs \
  analysis process.
• We will compile the Repair Cost Analysis using the pre-approved rates commonly
  accepted within the industry.
• We believe in Absolute honesty.
• We believe in Absolute reliability.

• Preserve and protect the property against further damage while minimizing the loss
   for both the insured and the insurer.

• Develop a scope that is accurate and profitable to return the property to a
   “Pre-loss condition” using materials that are of “Like, kind, and quality.”

• Provide detailed and accurate documentation that supports the claim and leads
   to a faster settlement.

The following things are crucial for a successful restoration estimating

• Time Management
• Damage Assessment
• Advanced Assessment techniques
• Walking the loss
• Scoping the Loss
• Scoping with the Adjuster
• On-Site Documentation

The best way to provide you with an estimate is to assess the damage. We will make a report based on the extent of water damage. Along with your damage assessment, we will also do damage control to ensure that no further damage occurs at your home or office.

We immediately use truck mounted extraction to remove standing water in order to minimize additional damage to the structure. Our restorative drying process allows for items to dry properly without further damage.

It is important to quickly remove moisture from the air. Our process includes the strategic placement of dehumidifiers and air movers to stabilize the air.

Our process also includes documented follow-up visits to ensure that the moisture content and the humidity are within safe levels and that the property is progressing in regards to the restorative drying process.

Once the environment has been stabilized and the structure properly dried within industry standards we can assess whether flooring materials need to be cleaned or replaced.

In the event that restoration is taking place at your business or residence, our secure and clean facility will protect your items until they can be returned to you.

Storm Damage
Fire Damage
Water Damage
Lead Safe
Maintenance Consulting

PROPERTY MANAGERS: C&M SOLUTIONS is your source for maintenance consulting when performing renovations, repairs and painting work.

WE CONTAIN THE WORK AREA. We take steps to seal off the work area so that dust and debris do not escape. Warning signs will be put up. Heavy-duty plastic and tape will be used to cover the floors and furniture. Doors and HVAC system vents will be sealed off.

WE MINIMIZE DUST. We use work practices that minimize the dust generated during renovation and repair by using water to mist areas before sanding or scraping. We score paint before separating components and use prying and pulling methods to remove components instead of breaking them. Dangerous practices such as open flame burning or torching and using power tools without HEPA vacuum attachments are prohibited by the rule because they generate large amounts of lead-contaminated dust.

WE CLEAN UP THOROUGHLY. We work diligently every day to keep the work area as clean as possible. When all the work is done, the area will be cleaned up using special cleaning methods including the use of a HEPA vacuum and wet mopping.


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